Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

Sephora Lip Stain

actually, I have bought this baby on December. however, I have only been loving this for the past few weeks.

here it goes: Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain. I have in shade Red Essence 10.


I am not a fan of dark, bold lippies, and it is actually the first time I have tried applying this, and it is actually pretty good although it is not my cup of tea.

the lip stain itself is pretty pigmented and easy to apply because of the small sponge brush. it smells funny, tho, it smells like chemical. it does not last until 10 hours. I applied it on 5 pm, I ate, and I had to retouch it on 8 pm because it wore off and it made my lips chapped. I also notice that the color is darker than the first time I applied it. I wonder will it keep changing or not, because d’oh it is dark enough for me, I cannot stand any more vampy look.

Ione thing that I like is it does not leave a stain on cigs and glass. the formula is also pigmented, I only need one or two swatches on my lips to get the perfect look.


pro: pigmented, okay to apply on dry lips without any balm, affordable (14$).

con: the color is changing for the 1st apply thru the 2nd, and most likely it will keep changing.

Someone asked me what I felt during my last break up.

Ugh. It is going to get ugly.

Honestly we were done way before I flipped out last night. But what I felt when I broke up, I still remembered. Coming out of a 2 years of serious relationship wasnt easy. So let me try to write it down.

Before the break up, I was entering the phase “all the love was still there I just did not know what to do with it now”. Sometimes, you woke up and you just knew that you could not do this anymore. However, I made a pact that I would never ask for a break-up. I still honored it tho.

Sadly, no matter how hard I (we) tried, we still entered the phase “sometimes love just aint enough”. When we met directly, we were both happy. When we were not seeing each other, all I (or we, I dunno) felt was this numbness which started to growl and diverse throughout your mind and soul. We had differences in our way of thinking, and no matter how hard we tried to walk in between we just could not seem to shake it off. And then it got into his mind, what I had promised I would not ask him to. We had to break up.

And then it got into the phase “nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard” because we knew we loved each other but we just could not do this anymore. Just because it was the right thing to do does not mean it did not hurt like hell. I lost my half of life for these past 2 years. I lost the one who popped first everytime I woke up and right before I went to bed. It almost felt like I lost my bestfriend, because my world revolved around him, literally. It was hard. I found it hard to just breathe everytime I woke up and realized I would not see those texts saying ‘I love you’. It was hard going home alone without someone picking you up or waiting for you to get home safe and sound. It was hard to fall asleep without someone comforting you by phone after a long tiring day.

It was hard. So hard. Like really hard.

Eventually, things got better, like it always is. Coming out of a 2 years of serious relationship is indeed hard, but it also makes you discover yourself again. I was always so devoted to my partner until it got to a point where we both changed ourselves for each other. Breaking up gives you a chance to know yourself again. It unlocks new door that leads to a new path. After all, it is just another phase in life I have to keep on living.