Product Review: Trilogy Roseship Oil

Here here!

As you might know (or you dont, so be it), I went through this accident last year and I never really (had enough money to pay to) remove my scars, plus I think it looks kinda sexy ehe.

However, when my boyfriend went to Australia, my friend told him to buy Trilogy Roseship Oil there for her, because she is a mother and deals with stretch marks. Her sister also had them, but she removed it with that oil. I was interested so I told him to buy one for me as well.

When the product came, I tried applying it right away at night.

trilogy rosehip oil trilogy rosehip oil

The texture is not that oily, it is more liquid than what I expected. It takes approx. 2 mins for it to dry so I can apply my daily cream. However, it takes more than 2 mins for Rey’s skin to dry. I guess it depends on your skin. Mine is practically normal, while Rey is acne-prone. I wasnt hoping for an amazing result because I tried Bio Oil and it was meh. I never really constantly applied it anyway.


After two weeks applying it on the scar in my face, I must say that this oil is. indeed. amazing.

my scar nearly disappeared.

trilogy rosehip oil

after – bare skin           before – with make up (wtf is going on with my eyebrow I am sorry its last year)

it costs 23 AUD for me, and I will DEFINITELY REPURCHASE it.

It is hard anyway to find it in Indonesia, theres an online store that sells it but idk if its authentic or not.

I recommend it for scars, pimples, black spots, etc etc.