Why Marketing Automation is Important


Have you ever heard of Marketing Automation without really knowing what is it about?

Well, in this advanced digital era, people are shifting from the traditional marketing towards the machine – tools, channels, e-data, etc. Marketing Automation is a process of leading your leads to the buying process with the right content for the right audience in the right time.

Marketing Automation usually stands alone as its own tool or exists as a built-in feature in CMS (I am usually implementing it with Kentico EMS – recommended!) that helps the marketers prioritize and execute the marketing task in a more effective way. The question is – do we need it?

Few good reasons why

  • We won’t waste time on manually update the contact sheet after we follow up, which we have to store manually also lol this is so old school #vintage
  • We won’t be perceived as disturbing to our customers because we do not blast the same thing to the mass – we hand-pick the content and deliver it as a nice, personalized package to the right audience, because we too feel disturbed right, e.g me when I see Golf promo arrived in my Inbox, wtf?
  • We won’t be wasting time and money marketing to someone who may not be interested in what our sharing, because you know content development is really time-consuming

There goes the second question, what does Marketing Automation look like?

What Is It Really About

To understand what Marketing Automation is, let’s see a traditional marketing example below:

Step 1: You send an email invitation to your activation event

Step 2: You send a thank you note to all the people who have RSVP’ed

Step 3: A few days later, you send a follow up email to the list of people who have confirmed, explaining the event and give a quick summary

Step 4: After the event is finished, you send the recorded material to all people who both attend and don’t attend to your event and leave an email and call number should they be interested in your product.

These steps are what traditional marketing is. There is no sense of personalized invitation because audiences are smart enough to know that those are email blast. In Marketing Automation, you can do things as follow:

Step 1: You differentiate your customers based on their interests to select those who may be interested with the event

Step 2: You send a personalized email to those lead

Step 3: You send emails a few days later for people who already rsvp, who have opened the email back and forth without responding to the invitation, who have rejected the invitation, and who have not yet opened the email. Each action defines the kind of content that you should send.

Step 4: You send a kind reminder to those who book, and you also send an email with different offer who ignore the event but showing different interest in the product.

With Marketing Automation, targeting the right audience is simpler and it turns out to be more effective. Companies that use marketing automation qualify 53% more leads, while the 65% of companies that don’t have a defined lead nurturing process or toolset in place lose a shocking 79% of leads (source: League Digital). First-hand experience, Marketing Automation makes it easy for us to plan, implement, and track the process of achieving goals in terms of marketing and sales. It is easier as well to automate experience in website, such as providing a whole journey for people who come from Google search based on a particular keyword or welcoming people accessing the website from a particular city with targeted promo for that city only. Let’s maximize our digital asset with personalized experience using Marketing Automation! 😉