The Moment I Knew

Yeah, I know it is freaking late to write posts about pregnancy while I am now in 30 weeks, but I want to commemorate myself and this journey later on so better late than never!

That moment I knew

I have always been that girl who never has routinely scheduled period, and after a lot of uh-I-am-late-I-might-be-pregnant moments resulting in disappointment, I never really care about late period.

I did check up though to my GP who is specialized in Women’s Health (I love you, Dr. Magda!) few months back. She tested me & my uterus, but nothing seemed to be out of place. She told me to get prenatal vitamin just to prepare my body during my trying-to-conceive phase, I tried Blackmore but she told me to try Elevit instead. I was happy since BM made me constipated lol. That BM I got is specific for people who’s trying to conceive, but Elevit can be used even for breastfeeding. During the first few weeks after I routinely consumed Elevit, I tested myself almost every missed period, but somehow it got tiring and at that moment I was starting my new job so my focus shifted a bit. It was back in February.

My work had consumed me (+ increase my alcohol consumption because we often went out for Friday meeting :p) and I started to not taking any Elevit because tbh I forgot! Weeks went by, I was back to my old lifestyle when I was working (eating & drinking shits lol) I completely forgot the conceiving part. Then April came, my coworker invited me to go to dinner after office for her birthday. I checked my ovulation app (I was using Flo) just to double check if I was good to have few drinks that day. Drinking before period came usually intensify the blood discharge ergh. What did I know, I missed my period for a week that day! Out of curiosity I decided to buy testpack to humour myself. Then, this happened.

I was shocked and ran back to the office. I asked a woman in my office if she could know whether it was indeed positive or not (because the line is so faint) and she said yes, not sure if she should be happy or not because she did not know whether I was expecting one or not lol. When I screamed in happiness, she also yelled and we both jumped! Whoa I fell pregnant!

I called some people (my mom, his mom) and I booked Uber then went straight to Rey’s office because I. just. had. to. tell. him. immediately. After he finished his meeting and went out of the door, I hugged him and I cried (he was like wtf babe r u ok) then I showed him the testpack. I saw his eyes were wet I swear to God! lol. I then dragged him to home immmediately (it was only 4 PM but who cared, amirite?!). It was Thursday, and I called my GP to secure an appointment the following Monday. That night, I slept with a smile on my face.

The following day though, I spent almost $100 just for testpacks which I did every day. 

Meetings with GP

When I met my GP, she ordered a blood test and to add to my anxiety, the nurse called me the next day to see my GP immediately. All the worst things that I could imagine came rushing through my scared mind. What if I was wrong? What if it was a false positive? What if turns out my HcG was actually low and those test packs were just fucking with me? I got so scared I cried myself to sleep that night.

When I finally saw my GP again, she only told me that my thyroid was low I needed to up my dosage. So then I asked ‘Does that mean I am really pregnant?’ She said, to my happiness, ‘oh you are pregnant, you are really pregnant.’

After that, she asked me whether I wanted public or private obgyn because then she would write a referral. In here, we cannot just go straight to obgyn. Everything needs to go through GP who will write referral for almost each specialties. Truth be told, I did not really know the difference, but I once had an ultrasound at FPH and I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere! It is a private hospital located inside a public hospital, like, the best public hospital there is, RWH. The sad thing is where we lived at that moment did not belong to RWH zone so we could not give birth there. I single-handedly decided we would go to FPH (my uterus my choice) and my GP had just the best team of obgyns in mind, WOGS.

So I got my referral for WOGS and early ultrasound from my GP, and she said, if all went well, that would be the last time I met with her (for this pregnancy!).

My First Ultrasound

Look at that little beansprout! Technically ultrasound this early is just to confirm that it is indeed a healthy pregnancy, not an ectopic or also to confirm whether there are multiple babies or just a single one. I thought I would cry when I heard his heartbeat, but I wasn’t, no idea why. I guess all of this just felt surreal a bit, for me.

What to do next?

I have booked my first appointment with my ob, finally! It also came with booking the hospital (FPH) so I had been in contact with them, and they sent me few forms to fill and sign. I think my journey with both WOGS and FPH will be on another post! Hehe. Somehow all of this feel so fast and slow at the same time. This is me writing this post of when I knew I was pregnant when I am 30 weeks pregnant now! Bonbon has been kicking a lot these past few days, by lot I mean a lot. Cannot believe we only have 10 weeks to come!!!!!!