Review Bath Box’s Strawberry Muesli Mask

Yeay finally I finished my Bath Box’s Strawberry Muesli Mask!

1. At first, I tried pouring only 1 tbsp, as the packaging stated, but turned out it was not enough for me. The layer was very thin, making it dried easily. I tried pouring 4 tbsp until it was finally thick enough.
2. We have to wait until it is half dry, which with the right amount, it takes 8-10 minutes. Again, you just have to be precise about the portion.
3. After it nearly dried, I scrubbed it all over my face. For a mask, well at first it did not seem to like really clear my face. However, after it was cleansed, my skin felt tight and smooth. However, I did not notice any visible thing like tightened pore or smthg. It is okay, tho. You just can feel if your skin is improving. It feels sooo smooooth.
4. It smells AWESOME, like an oatmeal with a hint of strawberry.
It does not really strengthen skin when you apply them, like if you use any clay mask, however it does smooth out skin so it is a great deal. For 90k (if I am not mistaken) you can use it for like 10 times.
The only thing I do not like is the fact that they use a jar-like packaging while their product is powdery so I really need to be careful while spooning it or else the rest of the formula will be ruined if it is wet, because it is all natural and does not use any chemical substance.
I will def repurchase. Can you see how often I use it. Just look at it??

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