Review Bath Box’s Strawberry Muesli Mask


Yeay finally I finished my Bath Box’s Strawberry Muesli Mask!

1. At first, I tried pouring only 1 tbsp, as the packaging stated, but turned out it was not enough for me. The layer was very thin, making it dried easily. I tried pouring 4 tbsp until it was finally thick enough.
2. We have to wait until it is half dry, which with the right amount, it takes 8-10 minutes. Again, you just have to be precise about the portion.
3. After it nearly dried, I scrubbed it all over my face. For a mask, well at first it did not seem to like really clear my face. However, after it was cleansed, my skin felt tight and smooth. However, I did not notice any visible thing like tightened pore or smthg. It is okay, tho. You just can feel if your skin is improving. It feels sooo smooooth.
4. It smells AWESOME, like an oatmeal with a hint of strawberry.
It does not really strengthen skin when you apply them, like if you use any clay mask, however it does smooth out skin so it is a great deal. For 90k (if I am not mistaken) you can use it for like 10 times.
The only thing I do not like is the fact that they use a jar-like packaging while their product is powdery so I really need to be careful while spooning it or else the rest of the formula will be ruined if it is wet, because it is all natural and does not use any chemical substance.
I will def repurchase. Can you see how often I use it. Just look at it??

bath box mask

Review: Emina Lip Color Balm

so I was at Century Kokas and saw Emina was having a sale 20% yeaaay! I decided to try their Lip Color Balm in shade Library Queen.

when I got home, I tried it in the palm of my hand, the pigmentation was good. it claims to be matte after 5 minutes of applying, well let’s see..

first time using it, I was surprised because the color in the lipstick isnt the same when I have applied on my lip. I thought it would be Masala kind of color, like Wardah 12, but apparently it is total pink. hu-hu.

the pigmentation on the lips are good enough to see the color, but not good enough to cover lips, well then again it is pretty good for a balm.

emina lip color balm

throughout the day, it stayed but I can see the color fading time to time. it is easily smudged also, but the good thing is altho it is smudged, we can still see the color on the lips.

it doesnt dry out lips
the pigmentation is pretty good

smudging here there everywhere
color range is not much
they said it goes matte after 5 mins of applying, but I can still see the glossiness of a balm

I would recommend it for those who want a lippie that isnt too matte, who have dry lips, and who like pink! (packaging is ky0000t hik)(I am a sucker for cute packaging)

Product Review: Trilogy Roseship Oil

Here here!

As you might know (or you dont, so be it), I went through this accident last year and I never really (had enough money to pay to) remove my scars, plus I think it looks kinda sexy ehe.

However, when my boyfriend went to Australia, my friend told him to buy Trilogy Roseship Oil there for her, because she is a mother and deals with stretch marks. Her sister also had them, but she removed it with that oil. I was interested so I told him to buy one for me as well.

When the product came, I tried applying it right away at night.

trilogy rosehip oil trilogy rosehip oil

The texture is not that oily, it is more liquid than what I expected. It takes approx. 2 mins for it to dry so I can apply my daily cream. However, it takes more than 2 mins for Rey’s skin to dry. I guess it depends on your skin. Mine is practically normal, while Rey is acne-prone. I wasnt hoping for an amazing result because I tried Bio Oil and it was meh. I never really constantly applied it anyway.


After two weeks applying it on the scar in my face, I must say that this oil is. indeed. amazing.

my scar nearly disappeared.

trilogy rosehip oil

after – bare skin           before – with make up (wtf is going on with my eyebrow I am sorry its last year)

it costs 23 AUD for me, and I will DEFINITELY REPURCHASE it.

It is hard anyway to find it in Indonesia, theres an online store that sells it but idk if its authentic or not.

I recommend it for scars, pimples, black spots, etc etc.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Hola! Bought this on Changi because it was the cheapest product that I did not already have HIKS PLEASE SOMEONE BE MY SPONSOR. I have the stain on shade 010 LA Exclusive, which is pink that is reaaally pink.


So, this stain is too sticky for me. It feels like there’s a very pigmented honey poured in my lips 🙁 It is pigmented, however, since it is sticky, everytime I munch, it forms a sorta-clump and I have to re-apply it.


It is toooo stickyy although it lasts longer than Bodyshop’s (the one I often use) I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it :”

pro: pigmented, affordable.

con: too sticky,

Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

Sephora Lip Stain

actually, I have bought this baby on December. however, I have only been loving this for the past few weeks.

here it goes: Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain. I have in shade Red Essence 10.


I am not a fan of dark, bold lippies, and it is actually the first time I have tried applying this, and it is actually pretty good although it is not my cup of tea.

the lip stain itself is pretty pigmented and easy to apply because of the small sponge brush. it smells funny, tho, it smells like chemical. it does not last until 10 hours. I applied it on 5 pm, I ate, and I had to retouch it on 8 pm because it wore off and it made my lips chapped. I also notice that the color is darker than the first time I applied it. I wonder will it keep changing or not, because d’oh it is dark enough for me, I cannot stand any more vampy look.

Ione thing that I like is it does not leave a stain on cigs and glass. the formula is also pigmented, I only need one or two swatches on my lips to get the perfect look.


pro: pigmented, okay to apply on dry lips without any balm, affordable (14$).

con: the color is changing for the 1st apply thru the 2nd, and most likely it will keep changing.

Hello Flawless’ Dupe!

Okayyyyy gue seneng banget belakangan karena akhirnyaaaa…. gue nemuin dupenya Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Say hello to my new baby: Loreal Lucent Magique

jadiii ceritanya gue ke Loreal pengen nyobain True Match, tapi mbak mbaknya bilang gue pake ini aja karena gue masih muda. Ini lebih enteng. Yaudah akhirnya gue terbujuk beli ini (lagian harganya murah, 110000 IDR kayanya deh ga rugi) dan saat gue coba di rumaaah…… maaan ini mirip banget sama benefit guee!!!! dan warnanya juga sama persis (gue pake Petal di Benefit dan no7 di Loreal) tapi harganya seperlimanya benefit :””””))))) gimana sih rasanya jadi gue? pengen nyium mba spg loreal rasanyah!!
recommended banget asli. coveragenya medium tapi buildable, but I must say coveragenya lebih bagus dari Benefit :O gue agak shock dan sedih sih. entengnya samaa, tapi awetan benefit sih beda 1-2 jaman doang. blendable bangeeeet palagi pake blender/sponge. serius deh ini foundation murah+bagus. repurchase fix! Gue jadi menganaktirikan Benefit gue karena sedih gitu gasih udah tinggal setengah 🙁 dan kalo beli lagi gue kudu nyiapin kocek setengah juta lebih, sedangkan gue lagi berjuang sepenuh hati buat beli sephora make up academy. huft. thank you Loreal for creating this foundie :”))