Review: Emina Lip Color Balm

so I was at Century Kokas and saw Emina was having a sale 20% yeaaay! I decided to try their Lip Color Balm in shade Library Queen.

when I got home, I tried it in the palm of my hand, the pigmentation was good. it claims to be matte after 5 minutes of applying, well let’s see..

first time using it, I was surprised because the color in the lipstick isnt the same when I have applied on my lip. I thought it would be Masala kind of color, like Wardah 12, but apparently it is total pink. hu-hu.

the pigmentation on the lips are good enough to see the color, but not good enough to cover lips, well then again it is pretty good for a balm.

emina lip color balm

throughout the day, it stayed but I can see the color fading time to time. it is easily smudged also, but the good thing is altho it is smudged, we can still see the color on the lips.

it doesnt dry out lips
the pigmentation is pretty good

smudging here there everywhere
color range is not much
they said it goes matte after 5 mins of applying, but I can still see the glossiness of a balm

I would recommend it for those who want a lippie that isnt too matte, who have dry lips, and who like pink! (packaging is ky0000t hik)(I am a sucker for cute packaging)

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