Make Up untuk Pemula!

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding ‘My First Make Up Kit That is Good yet Cheap’ on so here we go:

1. Skincare because you always have to invest in skincare.
Try Garnier or Wardah day and night cream, SkinAqua or Wardah sunblock, Himalaya or Mineral Botanica or Ponds face wash & scrub. I believe you buy those 4 products for less than 150k?
2. Foundation
Drugstores offer good variants of foundie. Wardah is good, both BB and foundie. Garnier’s BB cream is also surprisingly good compared to Ponds and Silky girl. Those brand cost less than 100k. For a range between 100k – 200k, Revlon, Rimmel, and NYX offer good foundie. I like Revlon’s colorstay whipped foundie (199k), NYX Invincible (200k more or less I kinda forget), and Rimmel has this BB cream which I hear people are loving this for 135k.
3. Powder
Wardah is freaking good??? I compare this to my NYX stay matte but not flat and the gap of wearing off is about 2-3 hours. I kinda forget how much for Wardah but NYX costs about 189k? Coty Airspun is also a great deal. 135k and thats it?
Revlon’s colorstay is also a great!!! Not so much for Rimmel stay matte tho huhu. I’d prefer using Marcks for transclusent instead.
4. Eyeliner
Silky girl has been my eyeliner since a year ago?? (Along with Too Faced) I have tried Maybelline eye liner pencil but I threw it away because it is THAT bad, however the Hyper Glossy one is great. NYX skinny and curve eyeliner are also a great deal for under 200k :3
5. Lipstick
Under 100k: Revlon super lustrous, NYX matte lipstick, wardah LLL, Wet and Wild, and Janit and Zara are raving about Just Miss as well. Emina’s Lip Color Balm is also gooood.
6. Eyebrow

Viva. Viva. Viva. Viva. And NYX brow kit. 89k.
7. Eyeshadow
Just buy Wet and Wild pallete or NYX natural/adorabelle/smokey pallete and you are all set.

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