Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

actually, I have bought this baby on December. however, I have only been loving this for the past few weeks.

here it goes: Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain. I have in shade Red Essence 10.


I am not a fan of dark, bold lippies, and it is actually the first time I have tried applying this, and it is actually pretty good although it is not my cup of tea.

the lip stain itself is pretty pigmented and easy to apply because of the small sponge brush. it smells funny, tho, it smells like chemical. it does not last until 10 hours. I applied it on 5 pm, I ate, and I had to retouch it on 8 pm because it wore off and it made my lips chapped. I also notice that the color is darker than the first time I applied it. I wonder will it keep changing or not, because d’oh it is dark enough for me, I cannot stand any more vampy look.

Ione thing that I like is it does not leave a stain on cigs and glass. the formula is also pigmented, I only need one or two swatches on my lips to get the perfect look.


pro: pigmented, okay to apply on dry lips without any balm, affordable (14$).

con: the color is changing for the 1st apply thru the 2nd, and most likely it will keep changing.

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